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Argentinean firms eye Turkish meat market

The Turkish government has lifted the ban on importing livestock. AA photo

The Turkish government has lifted the ban on importing livestock. AA photo
The Turkish government’s policy to import meat and livestock to control already-high meat prices is encouraging Argentinean firms to seek a bigger market share, the purchasing manager of a leading meat firm in Argentina told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review.

 “We are interested in supplying Turkey’s meat demand,” said Dirk Protzen of Advanced Latino during the bilateral business meetings between attendees from the two countries at a Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkey, or TUSKON, event in Istanbul.

 “We are ready to be Turkey’s top meat supplier as we have sufficient numbers of livestock.”

The company has already agreed to export 50,000 livestock to Turkey and the order will be delivered in the next six months, Protzen told the Daily News, adding that in the long run the Argentinean firm would increase this amount as long as demand continues in Turkey.

He said the Argentinean firm’s interest in Turkey continues since the market remains “one of the most promising ones” in the region.

In order to take a larger share in the local market, Advanced Latino has started a local company, Advanced, based in the southern province of Mersin, he said.

Answering a question about the possibility of the Turkish government’s cancellation of red meat imports in the future, Protzen said, “We have a plan B for that possibility as well.”

He said the firm has already decided to invest in an animal farm and an integrated meat facility to be built on 15 million square meters of land for $30 million later this year. “Our company will start animal breeding in Turkey with this aim.”

Talking about the peaking red meat prices, Protzen said that his company exports carcass meat for $4,900 per ton and boneless red meat for $6,500 per ton. “I do not understand why the consumer price of red meat is so high in Turkey.” Red meat prices currently float around 16 Turkish Liras in the country.

 “Turkey has started to attract many firms in Argentina to export red meat to the country,” said Eduardo E. Quiroga, commercial director of International Services & Supplies S.A., talking to the Daily News. “The only way of decreasing the high prices of red meat in the Turkish market is to import red meat and livestock,” he said.

“Our livestock decreased by 30 percent due to the Argentinean government’s change in export policy last year,” said Ricardo S. Berrondo, director of Worldwide Trade S.A., based in Buenos Aires. “Most of the breeders had to do in-house slaughtering as they could not export their livestock,” said Berrondo. “Breeders in Argentina need to find new export countries such as Turkey.”

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the first Argentinean president to visit Turkey in the last 19 years, met with Turkish President Abdullah Gül Wednesday in Ankara.

During her official visit, Kirchner is to meet with Ümit Boyner, head of the Turkish Industry and Business Association, or TÜSİAD, on Friday in Istanbul.

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